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Thread: hard reset

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    Question hard reset

    is there any ways to do a hard reset without the power button, beacuse my power button does not work. thats why i want to do a hard reset to try and get it to work again thanks!!

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    You can do it through software (Handymenu has a button for it). But that doesn't do you much good if you can't power up the screen.

    Try popping the battery and then putting it back on and see if that fixes it. If not, take the battery off and leave it off until the internal battery is fully discharged.

    When you replace the battery, the system will hard reset itself due to the system having lost all battery power. Assuming your power button isn't hosed of course, that's a hardware problem at that point and you'll likely have to replace the unit or get it repaired.

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    Battery out should work since even a loose battery aften resets these machines. Mine is taped down.
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