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    Why does my phone setting reset everytime after I do a soft reset?

    This is bugging the hell out of me. Lately my phone has been freezing a few times a day. Sometime a few times within minutes of each other, but that's only the beginning of the story. Everytime this happen I have to do a soft reset and when I do this my phone setting gets reset too.

    The most important and the only one I really care about is that I always want mine to vibrate and ring at the same time. But it becomes "ring" only after a soft reset. It doesn't hold this damn setting.

    It has been doing this since day one but didn't bug me much since it didn't freeze every other minutes. THis is a brand new in the box replacement phone from sprint. (not even refurbs). Had it for maybe 3 weeks.
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    I set mine to ring and vibrate... soft reset... still set... mine works... sorry.

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