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Thread: VZW Merits?

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    VZW Merits?

    Anyone here have VZW Merits? I qualify but have been told a couple different things by CS when I have tried to get myself enrolled, none of which involving in my actual enrollment. I was even told last year that I would be enrolled and a membership kit would be sent out at the beginning of the year and had a rep offer to place and order for a discounted accessory. Wondering what happened with that, I called *611 today and dealt with a snooty CS rep and was given a runaround and told that they cant add people to the program but i should go into a store and have them do it. Does anyone know what gives with this? I think my $140 monthly bill more than qualifies me ($79.99 for voice alone), and i meet the length of service requirements. I'm failing to understand how meeting the eligibility requirements doesnt make me eligible though.
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    It's automatic..

    Don't worry about it, you don't have to enroll in anything.

    As long as you have been on a 79.99+ service plan for 3-months or longer you will receive the appropriate discounts.

    This program also allows you to upgrade your equipment 12-months early.

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    Hrm.. i have never heard of this merits program. i did a search on vzw.com and found a page to enroll. so i did.
    i am pretty sure i overqualify.
    when you say you can upgrade your equipment early, does that mean that instead of newevery 2 you get newevery 1 and i can get $100 off a new phone every year?
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