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    Agile won't connect after TCPtune

    I was browsing the 6700 forums last night when I saw they stumbled upon a program that lets you tune your TCP settings for WM2002/3/SE or WM5. I DLed the program and ran it as specified in the thread and this morning discovered that agile will no longer connect. The 6700 users don't seem to have a problem so I am not sure if the problem is the 6600 or my 6600. Is anyone else willing to install the program and see if you can connect with agile, and if it doesnt connect, compare the registry before and after for changes? I've attached TCPTune...
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    i posted in your thread and i have a 6700 and the same thing happened to me. wheni uninstalled tcp tune, i could log in to agile.

    also, i could not log onto pocket msn either when it was installed. im going to reinstall it and see what happens...

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