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    Backup battery: Unknown

    Searched and searched.
    Has anyone seen this in their 6600 before?

    Main battery: Li-ion
    90% of 100%
    Backup battery: unknown

    I've tried a;
    soft reset,
    hard reset,
    removing the battery
    no change.
    Removing the battery causes a hard reset evry time.
    Called WDTS (Verizon Tech.) and they are shipping me another. (#5, LOL)
    Just wondered if this is a defect anyone else here has seen?
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    Austin A. Brady

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    Time for a New One

    Oddly enough my backup battery will not charge anymore and I have 22 days till the warranty runs out. Verizon was kind enuff to send me a RFU (Refurbished Unit) I have other issues besides the backup battrey as well.

    I went to PocketPC Techs has a replacement battery but you also have to buy the screw driver kit so it ends up being close to $40 with shipping which prompted to call Verizon and deal with that whole mess.

    Will post when I get RFU. I am getting the 6700 next.
    XV6700- Awesome!

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