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    Activesync 3.80 deletes all outlook information

    Hi, I am having a weird sync problem. I can get activesync to correctly outlook to my xv6600. My problem is that if I do a hard reset on my xv6600, then restore my xv660 from a backup, all outlook information that was not on my xv6600's backup is lost. But, not from just the xv660. Activesync deletes the missing info from outlook as well. Instead of copying the information missing from the xv6600 to make both outlook and the xv6600 match, activesync deletes the information from outlook to make both sides match.

    Anyone else have this happen? How do I stop it? Besides backing up my outlook data before I first sync from a hard reset.

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    Are you familiar with the registry settings on the PC to control which way data flow in case of partner's reset?

    All ActiveSync Manager registry values are under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\Partners\DeviceID\Services\Synchronization subkey on the desktop computer.

    There is a key there for reset partners 0->1. Use this is a dialog does not come up automatically to move your contacts etc. one way of the other.

    Remember disclaimers about registry settings.
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