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    activesync stuck "looking for changes"

    Before anyone asks - yes I looked thru searches founds tons on couldnt sync but NONE ZERO under headings with looking for changes, most sync issues i saw just were for not recognizing ppc 6700, when i hook it up it can see the pocketpc (this i know because i click explore under activesync and it shows me all the files on my pocketpc) but it just always says "looking for changes" and never gets off that.

    I dont have a firewall nor do i have the windows firewall activated and have disabled norton antivirsus, any suggestions? and unloaded and reloaded activesync and reboot both pc and pocketpc at least 7 times.

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    My condolances working with this piece of sh** software.

    Another approach might be to assume your parnerships are corrupted. These can be deleted on the PC under the file menu, but you have to be unconnected to do so. This is hopefully make allow you to establish a fresh parnership. If that does not work (and there is a good chance it will not), there is a registry hack to do the same on the PDA.

    What version Activesync? I use 4.1 but some consider 3.8 to be more stable.
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    You might also try experimenting by synching only one type of file, e.g. contacts only or calendar only etc. to see if it isolates the type of file that is causing the problem.

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    Activesync troubleshooting in 12 easy steps:
    1. Remove 6600 from cradle
    2. Open task manager (ctrl-alt-del)
    3. Click processes tab
    4. End task on outlook.exe, wcescomm.exe, and/or wcesmgr.exe
    5. Restart activesync (start/programs/microsoft activesync)
    6. Delete all partnerships
      If using activesync 3.x click file/delete partnership repeatedly until the option is no longer available
      If using activesync 4.x click file/delete mobile device repeatedly until the option is no longer available
    7. Click start/run and type in "outlook /resetfolders" without the quotes and hit enter. outlook will open, If Outlook fails to open without error re-read step 7 or address whatever error that pops up before continuing.
    8. Close outlook
    9. If your using activesync 4.x then shutdown any firewall software you are
    10. Put 6600 in cradle
    11. Follow steps to create new partnership
    12. Praise/curse my name (which ever seems appropriate)
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