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    PPC 6600 newbie just saying hi

    I've grown bored of my Treo 600 after about a year of reliable usage. I was looking into the Treo 650 for the past few months, but I figured I should try something different. Found the PPC 6600 on eBay and loved it. I read the reviews. Some great, some not, but not every device is perfect.

    I also purchased the Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit to mount in my vehicle.

    Anyway, I'll be reading threads and learning stuff until the 6600 arrives next week.

    Glad to a see a forum for more advanced tech users.

    EDIT: I played with the 6700 and didn't like it. Seemed too plasticky and creaky(real word?)
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    Just got mine about two hours ago. Liking it so far!

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