In order to resolve my inability to use (it just wouldnít allow the proper installation of the CAB file on the PPC6600) I decided to hard reset my device and start all over. I also figured that itís generally a good idea to do this every now and then, just to clean things up. When I did this and accessed, logmein started working just fine, so that problem was behind me. It also confirmed that something was at fault in my previous configuration. I then started reinstalling applications one by one, and resetting registry hacks I previously had. At some point, though, mainly when trying out the latest version of Thunderhawk, my device would just spontaneously initiate a soft reset. When this happened more than once, I uninstalled Thunderhawk. Yesterday when browsing the internet using PIE, my device did it again. My battery was getting a bit low, down around 30%, but not dangerously low. In any case, after the soft reset I then tried browsing again, and it immediately initiated a soft reset again. Then, what concerned me even more, immediately after another soft reset it didnít even initialize properly before doing another soft reset, and this happened several times. In essence, it was in a loop. I thought Iíd have to hard reset again, but decided to plug my device up to get it more power instead of draining the battery further. When I did this, the soft reset actually finished and the problem stopped. Since then, just yesterday, it hasnít happened again. However, this spontaneous soft reset situation has me concerned it will happen again since I have no idea what caused it. Iíve had PPC6600s for well over a year, and I donít recall this spontaneous reset situation happening before. Even though I donít recall heaving them, certainly if it did ever do a soft reset previously it always came through it just fine without immediately doing another one. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Is this most likely a software issue, or could the hardware be at fault. Just looking for some guidance here.