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    Jabra BT250v problems

    I just got an xv6600woc and i'm experiencing some troubles using my bluetooth headset. I tried searching around but couldnt find anything similar to this.

    they see eachother and sync up fine. the problem is that no one can hear me on a call. i can hear them fine through the headset too.

    I paired the headset to my girlfriends phone and it works fine so its not the head set.

    Thanks in advance.

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    had that issue

    I had the same issue with the Samsung I730. It worked fine on another phone but no one could hear me on the Samsung. I called Jabra and even though I did not have a receipt they said they would do a one time replacement. I sent it to them via certified mail and had a new one in 2 days.

    A couple of notes:

    They dont support you if you tell them you got it from somewhere other than a reselling partner. (I.E. Best Buy or CDW or somewhere) I mentioned Ebay and they told me they would not support me. I called back and said I got it at CDW and didnt have a receipt... they honored a one time replacement.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh, did you do a reset? You put it the cradle, then plug it in for 5 seconds and then take it out. That is supposed to reset it, although it didn thelp me.

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