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    EVDO Disconnection/Dormant issues

    Hey everyone, first post, great site, a lot of good info here.

    Basic info needed to know:
    EVDO Market
    Verizon Wireless
    Original Rom no hax

    I've searched these forums, as well as google for my issue, some things covered it briefly but never fully answered my question/issue. Basically, my problem is that my EVDO seems to disconnect totally when it goes dormant (or so it seems). Example, I like to use this phone also as a "Sidekick II", where I like to keep MSN and AIM open all day. I could understand my connection dropping if I was switching from a EVDO to 1x, but if I'm @ work, in an EVDO coverage area, and I leave my phone on and let it sit on my desk for 10-15 mins without me using it, my IM programs seem to disconnect. There's no notification that they've dropped offline on the phone, only people sending me txt messages asking me why I signed off or where have I been all day. If i restart the connection they work fine. I'm using AOL 2.0 UK, MSN, and also tried Agile. I have SPB Pocket Plus and tried minimizing the programs, but they still disconnect. Is this a hardware restriction or something screwy with my phone? Is there a registry key to prevent EVDO from going dormant? The only thing I can think of trying that'd work around this issue is to somehow have a program run every 5 mins or so and ping a IP address, but not sure if you can have a program run automatically like that. Anyway, I'd appreciate your guys help, and sorry if this was covered before.

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    Is there a similiar Registry entry in the xv6600 like there is in the 6700 (shown below, taken from the 6700 forums). It just gets annoying that my AIM connection will die after 10 minutes of in-activity.

    [[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ConnMgr\Providers\{7C4B7A38-5FF7-4bc1-80F6-5DA7870BB1AA}\Connections\Sprint PCS Vision]

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