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    Help with a few questions about the PPC 6600

    I'm thinking of buying the PPC 6600. A few questions I had have been answered from the board and I appreciate it. The one thing that I was wondering about was the high speed EVDO that sprint has now, will it work with the sprint version of the PPC 6600?? They have it available in my area and have it currently on my phone. I've seen mixed answers. Also, do they have software available for it to make the volume louder like volume care for the Treo 650? Thanks.

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    hi and welcome.

    we have tons of info on both susbjects right in this forum to answer your questions with ease. please search for "EVDO" and "ringtone volume" for starters.

    there is a wealth of knowledge here and we encourage the users, especially new members, to use our search system.

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