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    Bluetooth Voice Dialing

    I believe I have read most of the posts in this forum and I have come to the conclusion that no one has figured out how to make voice command work permanently through a bt headset with the Audiovox 6600/6601 in spite of all of the attempts. If anyone has found a solution, please post what you did on this thread so I can attempt the change. I have both MS Voice Command and Cyberon Voice Commander and a Plantronics 510 bt headset.

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    What version Cyberon do you have? I had 1.2 but lost my install files and can not find it anywhere to download it again.

    Don't think anyone has found an answer for bt voice dialing with ppc2003 yet anyway. I did notice that the xv6700 claims to have an answer that works in wm5. I don't know if anyone has tried their solution on a 6600 yet.

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