This is what im trying to do. I have sprint and had a huge phone bill going with them. I moved to atlanta and they have Metro PCS here. So I got their service since their phone plans come with unlimited calling for around 35 bucks a month. This solved my high phone bill issue but I had to carry both phones with me. I am keeping my sprint phone, I travel alot, and out of atlanta metro area, the Metro PCS phone doesnt work so I need a working phone. I use the 6600 for email and basic office functions and the fact I can hook it up to my laptop and send email during meetings.

I found freeware program to forward my text messages which works great! its called smsOrganizer. But I havent been able to find a program that will send me a txt message whenever I miss a call on my 6600. Is there anything out there that will do both the txt and the call logs. Ive tried looking for a solution for both but havent found anything.