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    Unhappy If you absolutely HAD to switch....

    I have become very attached to my PPC-6600, and so far, (knock wood) it is working well. But, sooner or later, we'll all have to move on, at least when the last 66xx is gone from eBay. So, if you had to switch TODAY, what would you buy? Of the PDA phones on the horizon, which look promising?

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    I'm really eyeing the Treo 700. The screen is smaller, which is a negative, but reception is better and battery life is WAY better.

    I just can't justify the price tag.

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    Verizon made the choice for me.
    I called WDTS to see about getting another device
    because of screen whine for the second time.
    A new 6600 may have fixed this, but I doubt it.
    It seems every one (6600) has some problem of some sort.
    I've had 6. Yes 6, and three were new devices.
    Problems ranged from screen whine - no internal battery detected.
    All of them had issues with answering calls.
    I loved the device for many reasons and hated it for others.
    Well to make a long story longer...
    Verizon WDTS filled the three strike replacement request form
    (pink, yellow, white and mauve copies) in triplicate and requested
    a new (different) device be shipped out.
    I received a call eight hours later and was left a message stating, "We are out of 6600's and the next closest match is a Samsung i730. We will overnight you a brand new one Monday. Good luck.

    Well I guess I'll be over on the other side learning from 'MRAILING'.
    Seem like I've got a lot to learn.
    Good luck people!
    With Respect,
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    Austin A. Brady

    if you can read this you've selected text!!! :)

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    I think the I730 is a much better phone for what it has to offer. Unfortunately sprint doesn't have this phone. I actuallyhad to think twice when I made the decision switch from Verizon to sprint because Sprint didn't offer the I730.
    Sprint PPC 6600 --> 6700 --> 6800 --> 6900 -->?

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