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    Calls will not end...


    I've got a new (for me) problem...

    (and yes, I know I only show up when I'm having problems... :X)


    In the last 3 days my phone's started to...

    1) Not recieve calls/txt messages/anything
    2) after this is initated (no indication... it just happens... doesn't seem to need any stimuli... it's random...) I can no longer call out. It just says "Dialing..." and keeps going.
    3) Allows me to call out after a soft reset, sometimes 5-6 times without re-freezing (though PDA functions are all fine) but will occasionally NOT hang up. Or... hangs up, but the call timer keeps going. Pressing the End button does nothing. Pressing the little red phone button does nothing... as does holding it in forever...
    The only way to get the call timer to stop is to do a soft reset.

    So... what did I do?
    I installed lots of things.

    Did that cause it? Well... you'd think so, huh?

    I did a hard reset, installed Garmin Que (GPS program... I keep a backup .cab on my storage card), restored my contacts with xbackup, and it's still doing the same thing.
    Just got back from Vegas (to my cradle... didn't figure I'd need it there :-/) and re-installed an update.
    Reboots, turns on, setup screen... won't connect to the internet, try to dial out to OTASP (*228 on VZN) and... it says dialing for about 5 min - end button does nothing.

    So I'm pretty sure I can't blame the software
    I'm more or less done too - planning on calling VZN in the AM for another refurb.

    If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
    @#$@ upgrades... now I gotta write a new poem :rolleyes:
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    I would do a hard reset and not install anything for a few days to see if it is a software issue. Try running the phone stock, then start adding apps one at a time.

    just a suggestion. If it works running the default apps then one of the thirdparty apps that you are installing is causing the problems. If you still have the problem with the default apps installed, then it could be a hardware issue.

    just my 2cents.....

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    Definately not a 3rd party app...

    After doing the official upgrade (instead of one of the cooked rom ones) last night it's still giving me grief (with nothing installed...)

    I just got online, it quit bringing up pages, did a soft reset, and on the boot screen it said;

    P: DM Failed
    R: DM Failed
    D: 1.36.00 WW

    After another soft reset it booted with the normal values (er.. not failed... doesn't display THAT long and my memory with strings of numbers is TERRIBLE...)

    So I'm guessing it's a memory failure/corruption.

    Odd how it just started though - but like the rep said when I called earlier, "It sounds like it's getting worse."
    So... another refurb on its way.
    @#$@ upgrades... now I gotta write a new poem :rolleyes:
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    Thats messed up a company would send you another phone with the same smple issues, Not sure how many phones your on now, I fixed alot of phone issues I made myself by doing a hard reset.

    Sounds like either the issue is not the phone but possibly the service in you area. First day I got my phone it was locked and not programed. The phone rep walked me through this and that, been working great. Not sure, not sure if we have the whole story on your phone, Sounds fishy and suspect to me.

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    The full story?


    I miss my I-700

    I gave it up a LONG time ago (second or third week the 6600 was out... I've had one of those for almost a year now)

    Overall I found the I-700 to be more stable (though slower) and a better overall design.

    Alas, I moved on and can't go back (EV-DO ROCKS!) and the new phones with their tiny little screens really irk me... so...

    The first one I had was great. I broke the screen, got a new one from Asureon, and life went on (but $50 for a new charger, new cradle, new battery(extra), new styli... isn't a bad deal...)

    A few weeks ago (about a month ago now) I sent in that phone because the 2 screws near the top had fallen out, the case was loose, no instore rep wanted to touch it and I was too impatient to wait on hold forever to get the replacement ones...
    And it was loose enough that it was doing random hard resets (even without the batter popping off - Once when it was in my pocket going up the stairs and I heard the "Welcome to WM" screen sound and thought, "Uh-oh."

    So I called up and the rep said that random hard resets were due to corrupt memory (or corrupt data or whatever... not important really... it was the loose case......) and said they'd send me a refurb.

    They sent me two.

    They got there on the same day.

    I grabbed one, left home, and called to activate it.
    To really shorten this up... the rep had trouble hearing me, did get it activated, called my sister, she couldn't hear me, called back to VZW when I got home and activated the OTHER refurb unit, and it worked fine... so I sent my old one back, and the first of the 2 refurbs.

    Here we are... 3-4 weeks later, and all of a sudden I'm not getting calls/txt messages/voicemail, or anything... for hours... then I try to dial out and it says, "Dialing..." for a minute or so; the call timer never starts up (so it's not the 0:13-0:45 before the first ring is heard issue that happens randomly)

    A soft reset later, 3 txt's come in asking if I've died (cuz I always answer or call right back...) and 2 voice mails that were sent between that time and 4 hours earlier.

    Thinking the soft reset fixed everything, I get on with life, promise if I'm ever away from the house for 3 hours again that I'll call home (long(er) story) and life moves ahead.

    Soon enough I'm having this issue constantly, so I do a hard reset, re-install everything, and give it another shot.

    Same issues (can't call out, can't recieve/no indication, no txt, etc...) and then the internet decides to give out on me last week in Vegas.

    It'll load one page, but after that it says it can't find any pages and times out eventually on everything. Soft reset - one page, then "Can't be found..." errors, like the DNS went out or something.

    Giving up completely, I HR again, install the GPS app (Garmin Que from an emergency CAB on the storage card - critical app - I drive a limo - and was driving people to/in/home from Vegas... needed that) and my contact backup from Xbackup instead of Sunnysoft thinking maybe sunnysoft backups were causing the un-needed drama.

    I kept having the same problems.

    So... I come home, do the OS upgrade (to one of the cooked ones... figured I'd go for WMP10 again (had that on the first 6600 I had with no problems...) since we still don't have a WM5 rom we can boot (though it was fun to try the first night they were released No GSM? What? :blink

    anyways... it was still giving me trouble (at this point, it's hit or miss, 50% of the soft resets I get one call, 50% I get 3-5....)
    So... I downgrade to the last official VZW release and it's still giving me problems... this time is when I notice when I do a soft reset, at the first screen (Rectangle with the windows logo, Microsoft Windows Powered in the right of the box... before the backlight comes on) the bottom right corner says(after sitting for about a minute at that screen - where it's usually 4-10 seconds at the MOST):

    D 1.36.00 WWE

    When is SHOULD say (and still does... occasionally...)

    P AA3.3.301
    R HA01_151
    D 1.36.00 WWE

    This happens about 40% of the time I do a soft reset - and about 25% of the time I do a hard reset.

    I called VZW and told them the trouble I'd been having...

    They said it sounded like it was getting worse (and... it is...) and they were sending me a refurb.

    That was Friday.

    Today and yesterday I've dropped from a 60% successful boot rate to a one out of 5-10 depending on my phone's mood...

    It's been a long 2 days :-/

    Hopefully tomorrow there will be a refurb at the door.
    If not, they promised it'd be here by Wed. Past experience is that if it got shipped out Fri (and I called early enough it COULD have...) it'll be here tomorrow.

    I'm REALLY thinking the radio stack (or... something) is corrupt... but I think it's hardware memory failure because I've re-installed the radio stack, OS, ext.rom and everything 5-6 times in the last 3 days, hoping every time it'll do something different.

    I even booted T-mobile's thing... and an O2 rom (the O2 rom has LOTS of software I liked... like... picture caller ID and contacts... stuff we SHOULD/COULD have if VZW weren't such little...ermm... n/m)

    But of course the radio didn't work at ALL with those two... (even with the radio stack updated back to a CDMA device...)

    I do want to say that I didn't do the GPRS upgrades first... only after the CDMA thing failed me twice (and not before I started having these problems... I didn't do anything other than the hard reset till just this week... and I've been having trouble with it for a few weeks now...)
    So flashing GPRS roms didn't ruin it (though it COULD be the cause if it worsening from 40% to <20%, but the problem was progressive even before I started doing bad things to my phone.)

    I'm still sticking with the internal memory - where the radio stack is stored (or the P and R whatever they are...) is corrupt... somehow...

    If the refurb doesn't help, I'll have the 5y/o play with my phone till something happens... then call up asureon and fork over the $50.
    As long as VZW ships the refurbs for free though...

    Unfortunately all this has had me online looking at new toys... I want a CDMA universal
    @#$@ upgrades... now I gotta write a new poem :rolleyes:
    <a href="http://www.deviantart.com/view/8708895/">My I-700 makes YOUR phone look like poo.</a>

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