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    calculating data

    Help me to understand. If I, hypathetically, download a streaming file to me 6600 that says it streams at 350kb per second, (1kilobyte is 8 killobits), I would be streaming 43 kilobytes per second 2580 kilobytes per minute and
    154800 kilobytes per hour which is 154 megabytes. That is alot of data used. Is there a way compress this data so that so much is not used with video?

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    It all depends on how good you want the output video quality will be. You can compress video down to 64kbps, but it will look like garbage. 350kbps is already pretty low.

    Try some of the more powerful codecs like mp4, divx6, h264, or wmv9. If you're really worried about quality, drop the output resolution. There's only so much the codec can do to compress lots of pixels; but if you reduce the number of pixels, the codec can work much better for lower output bitrates.

    Try 160x120.

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