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    Just when we get these things figured out....

    I've noticed this for several devices. Just when we get things pretty much figured out, and the device "matures" to actually being a usable part of our lives, the manufacturers and the phone companies bring on something new and drop the tried and true device. It would be like a company hiring all new employees every 6 months. Getting people training is VERY expensive for business, with productivity only occuring after 3-6 months.

    The 6600 is argueably the most complete device available. Most of the issues have been worked out and it's now a productive member of our lives. Now it's being fired.

    I would think that verizon, sprint et al, could keep this in their stable of devices. Their salesman know how to sell it, know all the features. Their support staff have all the fixes and work arounds in their knowledge base.

    Now verizon wants you to dump your device and buy something else.

    I get it...they want to sell handsets...but do the phone companies make money on the handsets? or the contracts? I wonder....

    I wonder.


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    A friend of mine owns a Sprint/ Nextel store and claims to make next to nothing on the sale of phones (hardware).

    I believe her and also agree it seems early to drop a product such as the 6600 series.


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