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    Activesync Duplicates Contacts After Sprite Restore

    There must be an easy answer to this one, but I haven't figured it out. I sync my BA to my work and home computer. The only DB that I share between the two via means of activesync is Contacts. Every once in a while I have to do a full restore from a Sprite backup. The first time I activesync afetr a restore it tells me that my computer has not been activesynched with my PDA before. Understood. Then it offers me 3 options. Combine the two sources; Replace the PC with the info from my PDA; do nothing at this time. Well, I want it to combine the two sources but not create duplicates. Every time I choose "combine" it creates a duplicate entry for almost every contact resulting, in my case, in hundreds of duplicate entries that I then have to manually delete. About 10% of them do not duplicate even though they are on both the PDA and my PC. That is equally as baffling to me. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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    One of your choices should be to replace what's on your handheld with what's on the computer. Unless you have backed up more recently than you have synced, this is the choice you want.

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    Absolutely, you may still be able to do this if you have not synched your PC. Just reset the partner... a registry hack... do a search.
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