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    i live near you

    i was thinking about getting this phone, what do you think

    ok i was thinking of trying the xv6600, but what do you guys really think about this phone ??? maybe compared to the samsung i700, which is better and why?? thanks guys!

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    um, well you are postingin a 6600 forum. what do you rally think we think of them? Personally I love mine. couldnt imagine being with out it. But I would ike to try the 6700, but I dont want to spend th green for one.

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    sorry mbaverizon, i sold mine this morning to someone in los angeles, he clicked buy it now.
    I reset the phone settings (not a soft or hard reset) which caused the phone to say it has been refurbished.
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    There are lots of great newer phones out there right now, but they each have their pros and cons. If I was in the market it would be between the 6600 and the 6700.

    Pros: Bigger screen (this can also be a con depending on your needs and wants).
    Nice Keyboard
    Solid built

    Cons: WM03
    No built in WIFI, but can use it with SD slot
    No EVDO on sprint version (has the hardware but sprint has not released the software upgrade)

    Pros: WM05
    Built in Wifi
    Keyboard (slides out side inside of down as with the 6600)

    Cons: Smaller screen (this could be a pro depending on your needs and wants)
    miniSD slot, which requires most to buy a new card.

    As for the i730, I haven't used it so I can't say much about it.

    It all basically boils down to what you want to use it for and what you likes are. If you look at all the pros and cons for both and decide, you will be happy with either phone.
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    the vx6600/01 is not a very durable phone, in my opinion.. the screws have a habit of coming out, it tends to crash.... but i still rely on it and have enjoyed using it (even though i am on my third one...)

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