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Thread: Verizon + WiFi

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    Verizon + WiFi

    Hey guys,

    Real quick - I've heard lots of references here and there to Verizon disabling WiFi capabilities in order to boost EVDO sales. I have Verizon + xv6600 and would really like to get a WiFi SDIO card, because my college campus is 100% wireless and I spend a lot of time running about it, but would like to stay in touch with my email and whatnot. So, can I still get a WiFi SDIO card and use it with my Verizon xv6600? And, also, what is the best place to get such a card? I saw a stickied post with a link, but the link was dead

    Oh, and one more comment - I noticed WiFi cards stick akwardly out of the SDIO slot. It seems like a pain in the arse to have to stick the card in every time I want to connect, but similarly I can't just leave something so potentially breakable in my pocket. Has anybody come up with a good solution for this? Maybe a case with a SDIO card holder or something, I dont know.



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    Have you tried Ebay? Ebay is your friend when it comes to this sort of thing. Dunno how you will solve the problem of them sticking out, but i would assume they would work in the 6600. Cant see why not...

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    Verizon 6600 and WiFi

    I don't know that Verizon has done anything dastardly to Wi-Fi. . .they just don't offer it (yet) in these phones. Probably won't, since these are now obsolete and not being sold any longer by VZ.

    But I use my Wi-Fi card all the time, especially when traveling and especilly overseas where a CDMA phone is worth less than a fart. The wi-fi works just fine, and that ugly sticking-uppie part is also know as an antenna. . .I have also had some luck using the wifi card with a Skype connection, but frankly it is a lot easier just to buy a GSM phone and get a pre-paid SIM card for it.


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    I've been using an Ambicon Wifi card for a few months now. Works flawlessly.

    As for the stubbiness.. look for the Socket E300. It's supposed to have like zero clearance issues. However, good luck finding one - I gave up after a few months of searching and bought the Ambicon. It was about $74 at CompUSA.

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