Thanks for all the great postings. This site and forum has been awesome for answering questions and getting info for my 6600. I have been using Logitech's bluetooth headset and have found some interesting posts regarding functionality.

1) A2DP: I contacted Logitech about the possibility of streaming audio over the headset, but their reply was "I would like to inform you that the Logitech Mobile Freedom Headset with work with A2DP profile, you have to contact your phone vendor to get the A2DP cab file or upgrade info.".

2) Microsoft Voice Command: I found this quote "the headset works well with Microsoft Voice Command on the Pocket PC " at . I have not been able to get this to work.

Any feedback or info for the above two items will be greatly appreciated. The headset has worked great and getting these two features operational would be awesome. I'll admit, I am somewhat technical but definitely do not know the in's and out's of ROM upgrades, etc., so please offer a little extra guidance with your replies.

Thanks and take care,