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    LED and VoiceMail

    I have a PPC6600 from Sprint. The little green LED blinks all the time, driving me nuts. All I want from the LED is to blink when I have voice mail, and not blink any other time. Any suggestions how to make that happen?

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    not sure if TweakPPC has that sort of granularity, but I know it can shut off the LEDs, plus it's free...can't beat that!
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    This has bugged the hell out of me too- and all the research I've done has been pretty worthless. I remember a year ago when I had my first 6600 being completely bothered by that damn blinking light, but assuming I'd get used to it... well, a year later and it still drives me nuts.

    Here's what I've found:
    Through tweaks and such you can turn off the LED completely (no green flashy, or red flashy) but there is no way to turn off one without the other.

    I found that I need to missed-indicator (red flash) enough to put up with the "phone is working fine" flash. If anyone can fix this, I'd be pretty happy.

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    Zachoo is correct. There is a registry tweak to turn the bluetooth blinking light off and the main green blinking light off. However, When on the charger, it will show solid orange if charging, or solid green if fully charged. I prefer it this way, If i look at the phone and the backlight is on, I know I have missed a call/received a voice mail. If I spend hours away from my phone, The backlight will obviously be off, at that point I just flip it on and look at the top to see if I have missed something. Sorry I couldnt help more.

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