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    Question Xv6600 To Ppc6600???

    Hello all,

    I really want a PPC-6600. I can't seem to find 1 - other than EBAY and I have heard about how Sprint will not turn on PPC's with inactive ESNs and nobody gaurentees ESN on EBAY.

    Anyway, I found a couple of websites that sell (brand new) the XV6600, but I want the Sprint plan. I recall (vaguely) an article describing how to flash the PPC to XV. Is there a way to go the opposite?

    I also recall that article saying something to the effect that you lose "data" capability by doing this flash. If, eventually, I am successful should I expect the same results?

    I called Sprint and their tech support said "ALL CDMA PHONES WILL WORK ON THE SPRINT NETWORK WITH NO INTERACTION". I didn't buy that. I've been around the block a few times to know better. Another sprint techie told me that the phones are the same but the ESN's are grouped by carrier and therefore a VZW phone with a VZW ESN will not be recognized by Sprint because it is a VZW ESN. Is this true?


    1. Can I buy an XV and "flash" to PPC?
    2. Will I lose ANYTHING by doing so?
    3. (long shot) Were the tech support dudes correct?

    and last...

    4. (even longer shot) Does anyone know a reputable company where I can buy a PPC6600 with no worries?

    Thanks In Advance!!!!

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    You can buy an xv6600 and flash it to ppc6600, even to an imate harrier (I have done it), but, that would not change the ESN. Sprint had a policy of not activating any phone they did not sell. Sprint also had a data base of all the ESN,s that they had sold. So, yes you could make an xv6600 look and act like a sprint, but sprint would still not activate it.

    As for losing anything, Yes you would probably lose EVDO. The XV6600 has EVDO, the PPC6600 does not (well there is a beta leak out there).

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