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Thread: Totally stumped

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    Totally stumped

    I have a 6600WC. I recently got a motorola bluetooth adapter for my computer. I have gone through every way in the user's manual and online to connect it to my computer via bluetooth. My computer recognizes the phone and says that it is connected, however, my phone just says "Connecting to: BT Network Access... and it never connects even though I get a computer message saying "bluetooth connection successul". When I set up the bluetooth connection, it (the PDA) asked for a number to dial, I have DSL so I put in my home number, then the modem key and still nothing. I called my ISP and the Indian woman told me SBC Yahoo internet doesn't support PDA's but I don't think she knew what she was talking about. I'm sure other people connect using SBC. That shouldn't matter anyway. If anyone knows what number I should have it dial or any other advice, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks!

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    There is a lot on here so you may want to search. I have SBC and was able to conect but you have to use Activesync. I am not sure of all the technicalities, but once you are able to sync via bluetooth you sorta get by default a fast internet connection to your DSL line (at home of course). As I recall there were a few tricks, but search on activesync and bluetooth.

    I am \currently out of the country and not terribly avable to trouble shoort, but look on a search and you will find a lot on this.
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