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Thread: Password Screen

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    Password Screen

    i have the password screen 4 digit number set up for a basic protection for my phone, the default one that comes with the system. As you know the password activates after a certain amount of time, the problem im having is when it activates and wont allow me to access the password screen to enter it, like it will go into password mode and will just sit there on the Dailing screen of the phone program and wont let me access the password, with magic button i can some time manipulate it and with some luck reach the screen, but when that doesnt work i have to hard reset it to get to the password screen or it will just sit there and only call ou the last number dialed.

    Is there a way of reaching the screen? its my only complaint about this unit is that sometimes it just wont go there forcing me into a hard reset which i dont enjoy doing, any ideas? I tryed searching the forum with no luck

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    Have you tried shuttdown down magic button to see if it still does the same thing? I use magic button and love it, but I don't have a password set on my PPC, so I don't know if this would be causing the problem

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