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    Siemens SX66 PocketPC - unlocked w/ WinMobile 5

    I found this on Ebay. Item #280042593971

    How did they get WM 5 on it? Did anyone ever get it to work on the sprint 6600?

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    As I recall, a few people were able to install it on the 660x, but never succeeded in getting it to work well. The folks who were working on it have since moved on to other devices. I'm using the 2.07 WM2003SE Rom on my Sprint 6601, which works well enough that I don't see a need for WM5. It would be nice to have EVDO, but none of the current EVDO PDAphones from Sprint have the features I require: large screen, A2DP, and SDIO slot. The IP-830W comes close, but lacks A2DP, and has been reported to have performance issues. The 6700 lacks a large screen and SDIO slot. The 700wx lacks A2DP, has a square screen, and wastes space on a hardware keyboard that I wouldn't use. (I rarely use the hardware keyboard on my 6601, but at least it's hidden--for some reason, I can simply type faster using the stylus and software keyboard.)
    Given the number of people who were once active in this forum who have moved on to WM5 devices, I think it's fair to say that mine is a minority view.

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    I am kind in the same boat as you. I went as far buying a I730(at a really god price so I could try WM5 with selling out the bank. Well I am back again. I really like the WM5 inprovements but I need the screen realestate.

    I am still hope for someone to come out with a JasJar form factor for a CDMA phone(WM5 of course). Untill then I am back on my 6600
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    (on hold)I730WOC-WM5 Upgrade
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