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    Patriot 4GB card problems

    I upgraded my 2GB patriot SD card to a 4GB one a couple of months or so ago. My 2GB worked fine over about a year. The 4GB card started developing problems after a few weeks. Every few days, my XV6600 fails to read the card and displays a message "Do you want to try to format this storage card to make it readable? This will permanently delete any files on the card". Most of the time, this is just a glitch and after a few resets, the card gets read fine with all files intact. However, sometimes the files don't seem to come back no matter what I do (happened twice so far). This happened both when the initial format was done with either the XV6600 or on a computer.

    So, is my card busted? Or, is my phone busted? Or, is the phone incompatible with the card? Or, is this an artifact of something I installed or the way I formatted the card (in which case, is there a "safemode" way to format the card?)

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    Sounds like a bad card. I have exactly the same card for > a year and no problems. There are a ton of mp3s on it that change daily.

    I forget how I formatted it originally. Knock on wood. Generally I format with Pocket mechanic. I cannot see the sector sizes from PM.
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