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    Has anybody successfully downgraded from the EVDO beta ROM?

    I've been running the beta ROM for almost a year now and obviously I have no EVDO access.

    Connecting to the "Internet" can be difficult at times. Sometimes I'll connect on the first try and sometimes it'll take 3 or 4 tries.

    I think I remember downgrading to the latest HTC ROM available, but the phone wouldn't connect to Sprint's towers. The radio was on, but it just kept searching for the network.

    I was thinking of downgrading back to the original ROM, so that the Internet connectivity is more consistent.

    So I was just curious if anybody here as had good luck in doing so.
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    I have yes. Download the latest package from here:


    Re-flash everything back to original. After you are up an running, there is a special code to keypad in that will do a "software" hard reset of the device. This MUST be done. Once this is done your phone will need to be re-provisioned over the air. Only once all that is done will your phone correctly be able to connect online again.

    I'm sorry I forgot the software reset code from when I did this. Call customer service and ask right off the bat for "Tier 2" technical support. Tell the tech that you were sent to him by another tech that said you need to do a software rest to erase all of your radio rom's info and that you will then need it re-provisioned. He should know exactly what to do from there. Even if I posted the code, you still need to call to have it re-provisioned.

    Oh forgot to mention, be sure to manually load a 1X PRL that you can find and download here and of course be sure to have that installed after the ROM flash but before you call tech support. Then after you have done all of the above, EMAIL customer service via your online account and ask them for a PRL update. The next day call *2 and it should come down.


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