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    Phone attempted suicide today....

    So I get back from an early day at work. Toss the phone on the bed like I always do, except instead of the usual thwump, and I rattle-rattle. Eh? Figuring the case was rattly I pick it up and shake it. Rattle rattle, take it out of the base, rattle-rattle. Damn. Check the screws on the outside, all were there. Damn. I kept rattling it for about 5 minutes ttrying to figure out what it was, no idea. Decided to take it apart and look around. Pop the battery off, remove the stylus, rattle-rattle. Take out the screws and open the case, and find a loose screw. It was one of the screws the holds the memcard/camera assembly to the mommyboard. Luckily, it was the one near the battery, in the outer case, where it drops down to make the edge where the battery butts up. If that little 90 degree edge wasnt there it would have danced across the motherboard, causing problems I'm sure (like what happened to my old laptop).

    Luckily the threads weren't stripped, it went back in tight, then I proceeded to check all the other screws. Everything else was fine. Dunno what made that screw decide to come out.

    Also, because of this I confirmed something I suspected, that my backup battery inside the phone is useless. Phone was without any power for about 7 minutes, and upon turning it back on, everything was lost. Good thing I did a clone of it yesterday.

    Just thought I'd share with the few other 'screw small screens' guys on here.
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    I have had this rattling going on in my phone for upwards of 6 months now. I haven't taken it apart to confirm, but what you're describing is exactly what I'm experiencing. I also toss my phone on the bed at least once a day. Beware all bed tossers!

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    I don't toss the phone, but it still rattles. I'm sure a screw came loose inside.

    Is there a way to open the phone without voiding the warranty?

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    Mine started that about a month ago.
    No issues yet.
    And as for the internal battery comment - yeah... cept... it doesn't even take 7 minutes for the hard reset 99% of the time

    I dunno...
    I've gotten used the the rattle.
    But every day it drops more and more calls.

    (I also can't snap the battery slidy holder thingy up and lock the battery in any more... I have tape wrapped around the battery and the keyboard to hold it in place. Since doing this I've had 0! ZERO! hard resets. It makes a few of the keys a bit harder to press, but it does wonders for holding the battery on snuggly. Without the tape the battery just falls off. Or... stays laying on whatever I pick the phone up from.)

    Poor phone is getting old and some of its screws are getting a little loose.
    I need to scrounge up an extra $50 and just get a replacement. The thing's REALLY not holding up at all any more.
    @#$@ upgrades... now I gotta write a new poem :rolleyes:
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