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    Phone refuses to write to SD card

    I realize that I have a replacement phone on the way. But this phone absolutely refuses to write to my SD card. I tried reformatting in the device and via the PC. No dice.

    The phone seems to think the card is locked, even though it's not.

    Is there a fix for this, so I can back up daily to the card, as always while I wait for the replacement?

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    One strange solution

    urg. yeah. feeling your pain.

    1. check to make sure that the sd card's little switch isn't being pushed back to "locked" position when you insert it.

    if it still doesn't work (assuming you have already tried accessing it with a pc)....

    2. take a piece of clear scotch tape and wrap it around the card so that its internally compressed. not extreemly tight of course, and don't tape the lock down in locked position....

    ..yes i know how this sounds and i didn't think it would work either but it did...

    if anyone can tell me why this has worked (at least for myself) i don't know why. it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the lock being moved, understanding that the device detects if the switch is in locked or unlocked position when it is inserted.

    after the theft of my trusty kyo 7135 ive picked up an old 6600 today. glad to meet you guys

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    I actually did check both of those things... yes, the phone does seem to be nudging the "lock" button ever so slightly, so I taped it carefully in the "unlocked" position. Unfortunately, it still didn't work. My PC can read and write to the same SD card with no problem. I'm going to presume that it's a hardware problem inherent in this replacement phone.

    When the REAL replacement comes along, the one that's the correct model, I'll include a note when I send this one back. I'll mention that the phone was replaced because I was sent the wrong model, BUT please check this phone's SD slot because it's unable to write to any SD card.

    In the meantime, my daily backup regimen will have to be as follows:

    -- back up to main memory.
    -- hook phone up to PC. Put SD card in my card reader (also attached to PC).
    -- copy backup file to SD card.
    -- verify that the copy was clean.
    -- delete backup file from main memory.

    Doggoned pain in the neck hardware issues! I oughta submit a bill to Verizon for my blood pressure meds this month, since their upgrade that failed was what started all these problems.

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