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    new to 6600 your software suggestion.

    im not sure about the limits of this device but i am aware of its age. i would like some current advice regarding the 6600.

    i am migrating from palmOS and i have noticed what seems to be a limited number of good open source and freeware applications for this device running windows mobile 2003. i am sure i am wrong.

    could someone suggest (preferably freeware) applications that will run on 6600. i don't mind paying if its worth it.

    and a remote control for vcr dvd tv ect. ( im assuming that the device is not powerful enough to reach far)

    a paint/drawing/ image editor.

    a multitrack sound recorder or any good music composition/creation software. if someone could point me in the right direction of a forum addressing the topic of music on these devices would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks seasons greatings
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    Paint software

    There are about 3 or 4 paint programs that are worth anything. One is french and difficult to work. But it is free. Mobile Atelier v2.07 You can get it at

    I use Pocket Artist. It is the most expensive, but in my opinion, after trying all of them, it is the best one. It is just like Adobe Photoshop was back in version 3. You can get it at Handango or from the publisher at

    You can find all kinds of PPC software at

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    hello and welcome to the site.

    i suggest you search the archives for the many different programs people use, and also search the online software sites. there is a lot of discussion on software for this phone here, along with varying opinions on software choices. typing in some search criteria of programs you are interested in will be the best soultion. also be sure to read the stickys.

    again, thank you for joining the site!

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