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    help with restoring lost contacts from a backup file?

    Hey, I've been with pocket pc phones for quite a few years now. My first one was the old Hitachi G1000. Each time I upgraded phones, I would manually re-enter all my contacts. My Audiovox 6600 recently suffered from a screen fracture and the touch screen no longer works. The phone was hard reset and all my RAM data lost. I have a backup file created using the xBackup program included with the ppc 2003SE device.

    THE PROBLEM: I had many important contacts and all of their numbers, email addresses, etc are gone. I can not use the pocket pc restore function as I can not input the information needed due to my malfunctioned touch screen. Is there any way I can salvage the names, numbers, etc from the compact flash back up file?? It's not a valid pocket pc application or a windows app... How can I get the data from it? The pocket pc obviously does it some how when it performs the restore function. The backup file is called "CompactFlashBackUpPim" if that's any use. Can someone help me please? If you have aim or msn, I'd prefer you told me your resolutions through there as I will not check this forum as often as my instant messages. My aim=ImTheRealInferno and my msn=inferno846@hotmail.com . Thanks!

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    You will need to "borrow" another XV6600 (with or without camera) and restore the backup with xBackup. Then sync those contacts to your PC or Mac, or send them to your new phone with bluetooth or infrared.

    I doubt xBackup on another PPC will read the file the same way, but borrowing a different Win Mobile 2003 SE to do this might still work to get to the data. I don't even know what pocket pc devices have xBackup on them, so I swithced to Sprite Backup last year for this possible type of issue. Sprite backup can restore to another unit with different roms on it. It will first makes you create a data file on the new system (using a app they wrote) that examines the new device and tells Sprite what apps came from the ROM, so they don't get replaced by the old rom's apps sitting on the old backup.

    Anyways, once you get the contact and PIm data into your PC or Mac (mac needs missing sync software) you can sync the data into your new phone.
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