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    Here's a Mort script to connect A2DP & launch music for Itech R35, possibly others

    I have an Itech R35 clip which connects automatically on the handsfree profile, but the A2DP profile for music doesn't connect automatically. I wrote this Mortscript file which allows you to push a button on the PPC6600 which:
    1. Turns on Bluetooth
    2. Connects the A2DP profile
    3. Launches Mortplayer (can be easily modified to any player)

    Mortscript 4.0RC7 is freeware and available from here:

    I've attached Bluetoothon.txt here, rename it to a .mscr and put it in your \Windows\Start Menu\Programs directory then you can program a hardware button to it, or you could put a shortcut on the screen to click if you wanted.

    I currently have it lauch Mortplayer, as you can configure it to automatically play when lauched and to keep the PPC6600 turned on (Coreplayer doesn't do these, yet....). Mine looses the A2DP connection when the phone turns off, so keeping the player turned on keeps the connection.

    Give it a try, the script is very easy to modify for your own needs.
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