I just bought the BT8010 and it's just about the perfect headset. It does pretty much everything that I want it to. The problem is that it doesn't pair well with the Verizon XV6600. The headest doesn't easily switch modes between A2DP high quality audio and handsfree.

If I'm listening to high quality audio and I try to make or receive a phone call, the music stops and I hear a little confirmation tone that sounds like what I hear when a call is initiated on my Jabra voice-only headset, but I can't speak or hear what's happening on the phone line. In order to make calls in "handsfree" mode, I have to manually disable the high quality audio Bluetooth profile on my phone so that only the handsfree profile remains. Then the headset works properly. To listen to audio again, I have to manually re-enable the high quality audio profile using my phone.

Bluetooth stack is Bluetooth for Windows CE BT-PPC/PE Version 1.0.0 Build 3900 from Broadcom. Maybe a more recent stack would work better? I've looked but haven't been able to find one.

Has anyone else made it work?