I guess I am a little late to get on the boat, but I just got my XV6600 a few days ago. Since then I have not been able to put it down. It is my first PDA phone and I love it!

Now before anyone starts flaming me... I have been doing nothing but searching and reading since I got the phone!

Anyway, heres the situation... If the phone sits idle for 5 hours or so I cannot receive calls or text messages UNTIL I make an outgoing call or send a text message. Then the phone works fine. A soft reset doesn't even solve the problem. Sometimes it goes straight to VM, sometimes it rings a bunch of times then goes straight to VM, and sometimes it just keeps ringing and doesn't go to VM.

I have talk with Verizon CS just about every day... At first they said the tower is probably congested and I am being kicked off for inactivity. The person I spoke to today said it is probably a problem with the phone.

I have the latest ROM update on it and the following third party apps...

PHM RegEdit
SBP Pocket Plus
SBP Diary

Also, I do not have a data plan and I noticed if I log into my account on Verizons website and goto "Add/Change Features" for my plan it says "National Access Blocked" under Express Network.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem can be?
Thanks in advance for any help...