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    Exclamation After update SCREEN ONLY SHOWS USB v1.02 when on cradle and serial v 1.02

    Verizon had me do the update that is on suport.vzw.com/phones for the 6600 with camera and i did exactly what the directions said. during the update process the phone reset premature and active sync shutdown then when the phone resest it said on the screen USB and at the bottom v1.02 a little bit later the update said unable to finish conection error. i took the pda off the cradle like it said and then all it said was serial v1.02. no windows ect tried the hard reset power button and reset at the same time and all it did was go back to the same blank serial v 1.02

    what the heck did it fry it? is there a fix or is it dead?????

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    Sounds fried to me. take it into the shop and they should replace it for you, especially since the tech told you to do it.
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    I ended up getting a replacement phone overnighted to me. I had the same problem. I think the thread I started on it has dropped down to page 3 of the forum.


    Some people here managed to de-brick their phones after an interrupted upgrade. There are suggestions in the above thread and in this one:

    Has anyone successfully upgraded?


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    usually that is recoverable because the usb screen appears before the actual update starts. try removing the phone from the cradle. reboot pc and try the update again. i've had the same issues the last few updates and always recovered. give it a shot.

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    Unhappy please help me!!!!!????? audiovox ppc6600

    i upgrade my phone to wm5 !!!! update is ok run
    but after my phone not work and turn on?????!!!!!!!
    usb not connect!!!! my pc not known my phon!!!!!
    please help me !!!!!???????????

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    There is no update to wm5. That would have been for the gsm ver. You'll have to search for the post here. But I know there was a way to fix it. I just don't remember how.

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    Install Exit Bootloader...

    Duanes in xda-developers came up with a fix for this in Manual for how to flash a rom in Vista - xda-developers

    Your phone lost the connection during the rom upgrade you were trying to do and you need to exit out of the bootloader stage.

    Duanes has the files in an rar compresed file format. You need to update your drivers like he describes if you want to use Vista.

    Make sure if you update the drivers that you choose to browse your computer, then let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer, unclick show compatiable hardware, and finally have disk to choose the driver wherever you downloaded the file.

    Good luck. Took me a whole night to umbrick my XV6600 after a failed rom upgrade for daylight savings time. I too got stuck in bootloader mode.

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