Some of you might recall, about two years ago, when this device first came out and everyone was going crazy trying to find one, that I mentioned that mine had arrived already... and it was free. Someone commented that it was 'hot' merchandise, but I assured them that no, it was legitamite.

Well, at the time I wasn't able to speak about it, but I am now. It's not a huge thing, but I thought I'd toss it out there, just in case it's of use to anyone.

I bought an Audiovox Thera (aka 2032) from Verizon for $99 back in December of 2003. At the time, it was on clearance, as it didn't handle E911, and they had to unload it. After tinkering with it for some time, I found that the SDIO slot did not work properly - even though it was labelled on the box as an SDIO slot, it was in fact proprietary.

When I called Audiovox to inquire about a fix for this, they mentioned something about an updated model coming out, and if I could be patient, they would ship it to me as soon as possible.

Well, time passes, and I forgot about it. Then, about a year later, I received a call from Audiovox, telling me that the updated model was available. I gave them my address, and a few days later received a brand new Thera... and the SDIO slot still didn't work!

When I called to inquire about this, the woman asked "Wait.. what did they send you?" I told her it was the Thera. She said "No, no! They weren't supposed to send that.. you're supposed to get a different PocketPC". Of course, I said "Great! Ship it over!"

So that's how I got my VX6600, pretty much for free.

Oh, and when I asked about what to do with the new Thera they had sent me in error, she said "We'll send UPS to pick it up from you." But they never did.

So, three PDA's for $99. Not bad.

Will this help any one you? I dunno... if you have a Thera, call Audiovox, tell them you've never been able to get the SDIO slot to work, and ask for some resolution. Be sure to use the term "false advertising", based on the box description of "SDIO slot".

I'm not mentioning anyone's name at Audiovox.. you'll have to find them yourself. Just be persistent. Chances are though, since so much time has passed, that it won't garner much attention. But you never know.