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    Tired of Carrying your big brick around? Here's what I did.

    I don't know about you guys/gals, but carrying around my big 6600 all the time gets a little tiring. I'm trying this :

    I'm on Verizon:
    I signed up for a family plan. It's $10 more / month. Then I added a line. On the new line I carry this little beauty. Samsung u740

    the family plan allows for two lines with no extra cost. But there is an extra cost for unlimited messaging on the second phone, since I plan on texting with it.

    I still use my 6600 as my main phone.

    Whenever I leave it behind I hit speed dial #7 which I programmed as *728055551212 (the number of the little guy). This forwards the calls to the other phone. Since they are "in the network" I don't get charged airtime

    When I want to use it again I just dial speed dial #8 : *73 this removes the call forward.

    Old Plan:
    $49 + $40 (data plan) + $10 (texting) = $100

    New Plan:
    $59 + $40 (data plan) + $20 (texting x2) = $120

    So, for $20 more a month, I have loads of flexibility in my life.

    That's what I'm doing, thought I'd share it, in case others are in the same boat.


    PS. Looking at it sure seems a lot for communication doesn't it....the world we live in.

    PSS. the extra cost will be offset by putting my wife on the family share, saving her $49 / month, that makes a net savings of $29/month. You gotta spend money to save money...wait, that's what she always says.

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    I agree with your solution. I actually use the Call Forwarding feature to forward from my XV6600 to my work's BlackBerry 8700 when I want only one phone. It works great. However, there's just one problem.

    No other phone can do as many things as the XV6600 can! :'(
    Verizon XV6600

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    Sorry guys.......I love my brick!
    Verizon xv6600

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