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    phone light just comes on

    Guys i'm beeing doing some searching on the board and unless I haven't typed it a key phrase that I haven't through about i can't find my answer.

    My girl has the 6600 and we will have the phone just setting w/o anyone touching it and it will just light up and then go off later..this happens alot. is there a hack I can use to tweak this?

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    Maybe something is waking up the phone. Do you have bluetooth turned on? On mine at least blue tooth will wake my xv6600 up if I turn on/off my blue tooth headset, or go in or out of range.

    Also I have noticed that with the last Verizon update, if I am in a very weak or no signal location my phone will also wake up. per UTStar the phone is seeking for a signal, and trying to notify us that the signal is unreliable. Per UTStar ther is no way to disable this. They were working on a fix.

    She also could have some software running that wakes up the phone. Make a backup and see if it still does it after a hard reset. If it does not then some software she installed is waking up the phone. If it still does and bluetooth is turned off I would say either the low / no signal issue or a hardware problem.

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