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    How I used my bluetooth cell phone as an EVDO modem for the PPC6600

    I had quite awhile ago retired my PPC6600. After purchasing a Sanyo 8400 with a data plan I wondered if I could connect my venerable PPC to the internet via bluetooth through the Sanyo. It took quite a bit of research but I was eventually able to make it work. It allows me to connect the 6600 to the sprint EVDO network.

    I have tested this procedure after a cold reboot. I used rescoe regsitry editor to import the reg file below. Other than that I did not install any other software.


    First save this as cellpartner.reg and load it to your PPC. You'll need a utility such as rescoe registry editor to enter this into the registry.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WIDCOMM\Connection Wizard\AddIns\Partner with a cellphone]

    Next follow these steps:

    Go into bluetooth manager
    Pick new
    Pick "Connect to internet via phone"
    Step 1 - Leave defaults, select next
    Step 2 - select next
    Choose your phone and pick Next
    Pair your phone
    Leave 'use this phone as default connection' unchecked here.
    Click finish
    Go into settings menu, choose connections
    Pick Connections
    Under My ISP choose add a new connection. If you already have a connection listed, choose "manage existing connection" then "Edit"
    Type in a name, I choose Sprint
    Select a modem = "Bluetooth dialup modem"
    Phone number = #777
    Leave user name, pw and domain blank
    Close setup window, go back to bluetooth manager
    Double click the dial up networking connection
    Choose the network connection you configured, I picked Sprint
    Pick OK
    If you get a network logon screen, leave everything blank and check 'save password'
    Modem should dial and you should be online!

    After these procedures you do not need to connect through bluetooth manager. Just start IE or something and it will connect automatically.


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    well, for chits and giggles, I tried it on my Cingular 8700 Blackberry. Apprently the blackberry "isn't running the service" or something to that effect.

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    yeah, ya know, I'm not real impressed with the newer phones and their lack of bluetooth services available.

    The 6600 has an extensive list of services under bluetooth, most of the newer ones cant even file share, lame.
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