I had an odd hardware issue with the 6600 that's being replaced. Suddenly, it stopped being able to connect to EVDO or 1xRTT unless I was in one specific room of the house (second floor computer room). So every time the phone was reset for any reason, I had to head upstairs to the computer room in order to get the telephone back online again and able to receive calls/use the internet.

Has anyone ever had that happen with their phone? I'm just curious as to how common of an issue this is. My old phone had a grand total of ONE mishap, a bad fall about a week before the problem developed, but it seemed to have come through the drop unscathed. "Seemed", I suppose, being the operative word.

The new phone works great. But I'm wondering if this is a hardware issue I'll need to be on guard for from now on. (And I'll be hiring the phone a bodyguard so it doesn't take any more nasty spills. )