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    Strange behavior

    My phone has been having some odd problems lately.

    I can turn on the screen by pushing the power bottun, but I cannot turn it back off. The "start" button also is not working. The call send and end buttons work intermittently. Hard resets would only fix the send and recieve, but not the power or start.

    I thought I had figured it out to be a stuck button, the "start" button. I disassembled the phone and checked to see if there was any dirt or something that would cause the start button to send a continuous signal. After cleaning out a little dust I reassembled the phone. Everything finally worked.

    My internal battery (capacitor) was at 0% and my main battery was at 80%. I charged my phone and once he internal battery had a charge the problem returned. Could this be related or is it just a coincidence?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I would think the 0% battery life is just a coincidence. How old is the phone.

    I wouldn't sweat it; there's always eBay.
    Verizon XV6600

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