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Thread: My 6600 story

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    Red face My 6600 story

    well i had a hitachi g1000 until 2 months ago when it broke and asurion sent me a 6600.

    I was happy i liked the phone and all its feature, that only lasted a month, well i broke the screen on the first one and i was pissed.

    a week later i got the replace ment, 5/1 i think, well throught this whole month ive gone thru 6 ppc's and well yesterday 5-29 i got my new 6600 and i was exited, well i hooked it up to my vista laptop and after i leave it alone for 2 hrs to charge, the dreaded death screen. usb v1.02.

    After 30 mins of crying and figuring out wtf happened, i came to the conclusion that vista had killed another 6600 the second one i thought, then when i was about to break the phone in half i came across a faq by ehud (sp?) and i tryed doing what it said on my vista laptop, well it didnt work, then i read the full article and i saw that i could try it on another computer so i go over to my xp desktop that i havent used in months and tryed the upgrade that vista tryed to install, well ill be damed it freaking worked and my phone isnt a brick anymore.

    I am thankful that there is a faq page, and other topic that guided me thru this,

    i just wanted to say thanks!

    I think xp>vista now

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    Yea i've had all sorts of problems troubleshooting my dads vista machine, i refuse to upgrade now and am thinking about getting a new laptop and putting linux on it. I really want to get a mac and dual boot xp and Mac os. I can't beleive windows kept getting better and better then they put out this POS vista OS. I was perfectly happy with XP and still am. Glad you got everythign worked out!

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