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    Extracting a sprite backup

    I'm kind of torn between liking and really hating sprite at this point. First of all i didn't know you could do a self extracting backup so everytime i lost all my data, i would of course not be anywhere near my computer to restore it and have to go days without my info. Well i found out finally to make them self extracting and i was happy again. Well again my phone reset when i was out of town and lost my data. I went to my "self extracting" file and it wasn't self extracting. So i'm tired of fighting sprite and going back to regular ol built in backup software.
    Anyway i got long winded, the point of my post is, is there a way to extract that backup i have on my memory card and get my pictures out without restoring?

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    To extract a "self-extracting" Sprite backup file, start File Explorer and navigate to the backup file and click on it. Sprite will start up and it will look like it is ready to do a backup, but you are actually in Restore (extract) mode. This might be where you thought it was not working. By default all files will be selected. You can uncheck directories and files you do not want restored, and then click on Restore.

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