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Thread: Using as modem

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    Using as modem

    Just out of curiosity, I tried out the tutorial that explains how to turn the XV6600 into a modem for a computer. Well, it worked....and I'm blown away. I'm definitely not getting blazing fast speeds from it, but after doing a couple of test downloads it looks like my average is around 100kb/sec down. I'm actually using it right now to post this

    I'm just curious, is this something Verizon frowns upon? I remember a few years ago reading about people *hacking* their Sprint phones to do the same thing, then Sprint started canceling their contracts. I believe it was simply because their data plan was intended for phones only and it came off as a little strange when people were downloading 1GB+/month with it...heh.

    Right now I only have my XV6600 on a prepay plan (inpulse). They seem to have forgotten to charge me $1/day for data use.... (Only charging $1/day for phone)... Which means I'm basically getting free internet right now. hehe...

    So do they cancel plans that show significant data use that wouldn't be possible with a phone, or do they not care? I could see this coming real handy while sitting in a car waiting for somebody, or just in a place without wifi.


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    This thread should help.

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