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    Water + XV6600 = No D-Pad

    Hello all,

    I may have not contributed much to PDAPhoneHome.com, but I visit very regularly and consider it my one-stop knowledgebase for all PDA phones.

    Anyway, my 2.5yr old XV6600 had an unfortunate douse of monsoon-style rain exposure about a week ago, and while all internal functions operate normally, the d-pad directional buttons do not. However, the center "enter" button still operates.

    If I mash on the buttons, it will occasionally respond, but usually by scrolling too far past what I want.

    I am still patiently waiting for the XV6800 (damn you Verizon) but until it is released, is there anything I can do to resolve my issue?

    Thanks in advance.
    Verizon XV6600

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    You'll need to get a 6600 toolkit (I got mine from from Pocket PC Techs - Pocket PC Techs - Repairs for Audiovox PPC6600 ToolKit )

    Note also that they have replacement button boards, in the event yours is toast.

    You'll want to open the 6600, then wipe down the circuit boards, etc, with rubbing alcohol. This will supplant any water, and then it will quickly evaporate.

    You'll want to do this as soon as possible. Even if the rest of the phone seems operational, any water inside could cause corrosion on the solder points and eventually cause a lot more issues.

    Good luck.

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