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    Found this on the Verizon 6800

    it talks about how the Broadcomm / Qualcomm suit effected Verizon and thier release of the 6800

    Verizon’s XV 6800 Mystery Solved? « HarshaSatsangh

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    I believe this is old news. Note that the ruling resulted in a ban on devices for import. It's safe to assume that Verizon has had these devices in stock in the states for some time now. I can't imagine them testing a small handful, deciding that they pass the tests... and then having to wait several weeks for a cargo container of 6800's to arrive from the other side of the world.

    Also keep in mind that while they are on differing networks, Sprint and Verizon both utilize the "banned" chip. If Verizon's holdup was due to the ban, then Sprint should have been subject to the same thing.

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