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    Getting new phone, can I disable phone software?

    I've had my XV6600 since it first came out around 2004. I am, however, going to get a new phone toward the end of this month. I would like to continue using the XV6600 as a PPC. Can I disable the phone to release the program memory? I know that I won't be able to use the modem feature but I should still be able to sync with Outlook, use my wi-fi SD card, and use my bluetooth GPS.
    Audiovox XV6600 on Verizon

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    i would think putting it in flight mode should be good enough. you just turn off the cell phone and would still function as a pda.

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    and there is another wayou updata your xv 6600 to wm5 with a dopod's rom,and then you can only use your 6600 as a pda .

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