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    Bought a 6800 last night...

    should get here tomorrow.

    I've been doing some research on available apps and such. I post it here because, like all of you, I've been using my 6600 for years now, but floundering in the red headed step child status of CDMA radios and ROMs.

    Well...the 6800 is already cooked...tons of apps...I'm getting excited about my phone again.

    I know I'm going to miss my big screen buddies with 4 programmable buttons....

    I'll keep you posted.

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    6600 vs 6800

    Well, I've had the new brink for a week now.....and there's LOTS about the 6600 I miss....and some I don't....

    I miss the big screen....but less than I thought...

    What I miss the most...is the ability to define the amount of ROM used for programs and storage....we all do the same thing...get a big card...put everything on it, and leave max mem for programs...Well, the 6800 doesn't let me do that...and I'm CONSTANTLY running out of memory.

    We I totally LOVE about the 6800 is the fact that is been unlocked and modded to the hilt....The first thing I did was drop a new ROM image on it, completely changing the whole phone. If we could do this with the 6600, I may never have left.

    the 6 fits in my hand better...less risk of drop...I remember always really worrying about dropping the big screen wonder.

    I may still be back....It's still early. There are still some things I don't like about the 68. Oh, and the scroll wheel is hit and miss....at first I loved it..now I'm finding I'm back to the dpad...more control...

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    Just saw the 6800 for the first time, and I think I've found my new phone. I've been holding out for a big screen, but now that I have a PSP I don't really need it anymore, so I think it's time to make the change. It's "only" been 3 years, but it feels like so much longer! See ya'all on the flip side...
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